Welcome to CBD eCommerce!

Hi there, and welcome CBD eCommerce. I’m Javi Cano, a marketing director at a web hosting company and have been focusing my efforts helping CBD brands sell online.

It started in the middle of 2018 when I heard that a bunch of CBD brands were getting kicked off of one of the most popular eCommerce platforms. Their main pain point was finding a merchant processor.

I reached out to one of my friends who’d been in the CBD/Cannabis industry for a while and he said that’s the largest pain for CBD brands and asked if I had a solution for it. It took me a couple of months but was able to solve the problem for CBD brands to sell online with CBD-friendly merchant processors and eCommerce / web hosting providers.

The industry is always changing, and I love to help people who help other people so please, keep visiting and follow me on instagram. I’ll keep posting what I learn.

Written by javicano