Merchant Account

I can help you find a CBD-friendly "high risk" merchant processor. Let's talk whether you're just starting up or currently selling and I can point you in the right direction.


I can help you decide which eCommerce platform to build your store on. If you're already running a store and are experiencing some kind of pain, I can help as well.


I can help you build your brand and grow your online presence. Even though there are  restrictions with paid advertising, you can still drive traffic to your site and/or foot traffic to your store.


How Much?

My advice for merchant accounts and eCommerce platforms is completely free. The blog on this site will have a lot of free information around marketing. Currently, I don't have any pricing around "consulting" because I usually give it away too. But if you want something custom for me to build and execute for your brand, then we can work together on a price.

Want to talk?

It doesn't hurt to reach out and ask me some questions that you have. Contact me and we can get a call scheduled.